Cross-docking in Europe

Cross-docking is a logistics operation within the supply chain at which the shipment of goods to the warehouse and its subsequent delivery to the recipient of synchronized in such a way as to prevent the storage of goods, to reduce the time interval between the unloading at the warehouse and shipping warehouse for the purpose of delivery of goods from the supplier to the seller in a very short time.
Operation "cross-docking" allow us to unload the cargo from the car next inside the European Union for a car that will travel outside of Europe and final delivery at the destination. This procedure often allows to reduce transportation costs without loss of transit time. This is especially profitable way to deliver in time of scarcity of permits and "direct transport".
The advantages of "cross-docking":
- High quality services offered at our terminals
- Our employees are fully responsible for all operations during overload your cargo
- The opportunity to receive additional services (issuing, reissuing shipping documents, weighing and repacking of cargo)
- Services customs bonded warehouse
- The possibility of long-term storage
- Export documentation (EX)
- Registration of transit documents (TIR-carnet, T-1, T-2).