Road transportation

International road transportation is one of the most widespread types of cargo delivery in the international traffic. Road transportation is most suited for operation with European countries, Baltic States and CIS. More than seventy percent of goods between Ukraine and the EU are transported by road. Road transportation is more controlled and universal :
transportation of dangerous and oversized cargo, cargo requiring special temperature conditions.
During the process of transportation, our staff constantly monitors the movement of cargo on the route, ensuring the safety, timeliness and efficiency of transportation. Our customers can always get full information about cargo location on the planned dates of loading, shipment and arrival at the destination.
All vehicles have CMR insurance, «Green Card» insurance, Auto-Casco and civil liability. With years of experience in the international transportation, we have good relations with foreign partners of logistics, allowing for more efficient delivery of goods.
Transportation is carried out by own transport companies, as well as our regular fleet carriers. This allows you to respond quickly to client requests and to deliver almost any cargo in the shortest possible time for transportation:
- oversized ;
- heavy and super heavy loads ;
- all existing classes of dangerous goods (ADR) ;
- cargo consolidation (groupage cargo).